Wat If You Don’t Have Money To Buy Gifts For A Bridal Shower

Here’s the situation: You have a close friend, a sister or a family member who is getting married. That is all fine and dandy, but what if you realize that you do not have enough money to buy her something nice for the bridal shower? What if you don’t have money to buy gifts for a bridal shower? You cannot go to a close friend or relative’s bridal shower and not have something to give to wish the bride a happy marriage, right? There are ways to solve this particular dilemma. You can create a personal gift from what you have at home. How? Simply improvise.

Improvisation and creativity are your friends in this situation and making a personalized gift for someone close to you a few days before her walk down the aisle will probably be treasured more than a store-bought item. The question of “wat if you dont have money to buy gifts for a bridal shower?” should not be a cause of worry for you if you know how to make your own bridal shower gifts from scratch.

What you make for a loved one on this occasion may have to depend on the amount of time you have.

Creating innovative bridal shower gifts may also depend on the kind of materials you have available at home and what skills you have when it comes to trying to make your own bridal shower gifts. If you are very close to the person who is getting married, you will probably have quite a few pictures of her with you. You can always ask her parents, if she isn’t your sister, for pictures of her growing up to create a beautiful collage of her growing up and all the fun times you had together. Create this rather innovative bridal shower gift by putting together pictures of the bride as she grew up and place in the middle of this collage your copy of the wedding invitation with a recent photo of her placed slightly on top of the invite. You can stick this collage on a thick piece of cardboard backing or a flat piece of plywood you can find in your garage. You can then create a frame for this rustic little creation with the use of some lace you might have or from some old lace doilies you might have around the house.

Another nice way to come up with a bridal shower gift without having to shell out some dough is by using certain skills you have in the sewing and crocheting or knitting department. Most people who have skills in this area often have some items that are left over from previous projects and creating something from such materials may be your ticket out of a “what if you don’t have money to buy gifts for a bridal shower” dilemma. You can knit or crochet a cute bikini or sew together a nice little number from some of the pieces of cloth you might have at home. You may even piece together a small table-top friendship quilt that you can glue pictures on as well.

There are so many ways you can make a special gift for the bride for her bridal shower and these tips show that you do not have to open your wallet to do so too.

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