Planning a Bridal Shower – Tips for Hosting at a Venue

If your planning a bridal shower at a venue such as a restaurant, private club, etc here are some great tips.

I have put a list of questions together that you might want to ask when hosting it at a restaurant. I am sure that there are so many things going through your mind when trying to put together a wonderful event that it is so easy to forget things.

Well, that’s the main reason I put this list together so that you don’t have to try and remember everything to ask. When planning a bridal shower at a venue many of these questions are very important to ask to ensure that the party is a hit.

Do you have a private room? If not, is there something you can do to crate some privacy for our group?
Where would we be seated?
How would the tables be set up?
Is there a time limit?
What happens if we exceed the allotted time?
What are the overtime charges?
What are the menu choices?
Is it possible to accommodate special dietary needs?
Can we bring in a cake form an outside bakery?
What are the menu choices?
Can we bring in a cake form an outside bakery?
What are the fees and what’s included?
Are dinks included and if so what types (soft drinks coffee and tea alcohol)
Is it possible to limit that alcoholic beverages to a single type of cocktail?
Can we bring in our own champagne or wine and if so is there a corkage fee?
Are gratuities included?
Is there a minimum requirement or a maximum head count allowed? When will you need a final number?
Will we have our own wait staff?
Do you supply any table decorations or background music? Can we bring our own?
How far in advance can we arrive to start decorating and setting up?
What is the payment policy?

So now that we have covered some questions to ask when planning a bridal shower at a venue here are some things that you also want to follow up with when booking your location.

For example, do not and I mean do not book a site without looking at in person first. The exception would be if you know that the specific place is exactly what you want. For instance if it’s a place that you have been to before and you enjoyed it as well as the menu.

Also, if your thinking about a restaurant or club that have their own caterers ask them to sample the food first or at least walk you through the menu. Let me tell you not all surprises are good. You don’t want to find out the day of the event that the place may look great but the food is horrendous.

Trust me people will remember the food. They might not remember exactly what the dish was but they will remember weather or not it tasted good.

Also when possible during the whole bridal shower planning process get stuff in writing. If your group is suppose to have a private room make sure that it’s clear between you and management. Getting it in writing just helps to insure that what you all agree to verbally is what you get.

If there is an agreement that your allowed to bring in your own cake get that settled. If you are to have a certain amount of chairs or tables or a specific menu, a certain area to set up. All of that is good to have in writing. I am just playing on the side of precaution. I have seen and experienced situations while planning a bridal shower where there is a mix up in communication between management and you or from one manager to the other and you end up paying the price.

We forget that management sometimes forgets to communicate with one another and you could get caught with not having what you think you were going to get. Their human too and make mistakes. Getting things in writing just covers you and them.

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