Weddings At The Calgary Zoo: Is It For You?

exonphotographycalgaryPlanning for your wedding? You must look all stressed out and confused with all the options right in front of you. With so many details, both big and small, that you have to take care of, you can’t help but get overwhelmed. To prevent any detail of your wedding from slipping off your mind only to remember on your big day, it is important to make a list.

From the party venue to the place where you will exchange vows, everything seems to make itself look perfect each time. This can be totally confusing. Some might tell you that the perfect place to exchange vows in in the church while others will recommend that you have a garden or beach set-up instead. And then there are those that will tell you that is just another perfect option.

Before everything else becomes confusing, here are a couple of reasons why weddings at the Calgary Zoo is a must try for you:

  • First, the Calgary Zoo is the perfect blend of love and nature. Your florists will surely love making arrangements for you at the venue, because it won’t be too hard to them to add color to what is already perfectly green. The outdoor space in the Calgary Zoo will allow you to create a relaxing ambience for all your guests, making the wedding ceremony more intimate and full of love.
  • Second, the Calgary Zoo has got a lot of partner suppliers. Once you have decided to have your wedding there, they can give you a whole list of wedding suppliers that they have good working relations with. If you don’t have a caterer yet, they might just have the right company to do the job.
  • Third, the venue has got a wide open space. You don’t have to worry about your guests feeling all cramped up because you’ve got very little space. With the open garden, you can invite as many people as you want, not worrying about whether there is enough space for everyone. At Calgary Zoo, there is surely a space for everyone.
  • Lastly, the Calgary Zoo has become a witness to the beginning of many love stories, thus they already have the experience in handling weddings and dealing with wedding suppliers. You won’t have to worry that the catering won’t have space to set up or that the florists will have a hard time decorating the entire space.

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